Osteopath - Chris Morriss 
Would you like to cope with, or even eliminate, your painful condition? 
Has your pain suddenly appeared or have you been putting up with it for ages? 
Your may be suffering from such conditions as: 
tension headache, wry neck, frozen shoulder, trapped nerve, tendinitis, RSI (repetitive strain injury), low back pain, slipped disc, lumbago, sciatica, shin splints, plantar fasciitis.  
All these conditions can be treated through the use of the services of an Osteopath.  
Call Chris to discuss your problem on 0118 9753893 or use the contact form. 
Do you have an important date or event you need to be pain free for? 
You have a meeting, a wedding or even a holiday that you don't want to miss, however, your pain is such that you might have to.  
A few treatments from an Osteopath can help eliminate the pain or allow you to cope with the situation.  
To see if Chris can help call him on 0118 9753893 or use the contact form. 
Is the pain stopping you from doing what you used to do? 
You are not able to play your sport, lift your child, enjoy your gardening, go for a walk; your are finding housework increasingly difficult, activities taking longer than before and impacting your work. 
Getting good advice and treatment will allow you to resume your activities or develop coping strategies.  
For your advice and treatment contact Chris on 0118 9753893 or use the contact form. 
Has an old problem re-occurred? 
Old injuries rearing their ugly head, never really resolved the problem, previous treatment didn't give ongoing support and advice, recent stressfull events - these and other reasons have made the problem reappear again. 
Understanding the underlying problem and using treatments and an after care programme, can be the key to allow you to deal with the problem or even provide you with a full recovery.  
To get your problem under control call Chris on 0118 9753893 or use the contact form. 
This helps determine what is/are the root cause(s) of your symptoms so that individualised treatment programmes can be devised. 
An explanation of the different techniques and approaches that can be used to treat the pain by allowing the body to become balanced again. 
Your After Care and rehabilitation programmes – including targeted exercise, advice and hire of home equipment. 
Osteopathy – what it is and the importance of the mechanical system in promoting optimal physical health. 
Alternative forms of pain management including Acupuncture and Reflexology. 
Please explore the pages for more information. 
Can't see what you are looking for? 
Use our contact form or call Chris - 0118 975 3893 
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